There's many CBD oil products on the market today but none as exciting as our Discomfort Relief Serum. Powered by the finest quality Hemp derived CBD oil and Bio-Copper, this serum is fast acting and non-greasy. 

Each bottle contains 60mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) and 30mg of Bio-Copper.

Vibrationally Enhanced Electron Nutrition



What people are saying about our serum:


Love this product! I do a lot of kickboxing and tend to hold stress in my shoulders and neck...this serum really gives me comfort to where I don’t even notice it! I went wake surfing the other day(something I don’t do very often) and woke up in the middle of the night with stiffness and pain in my shoulders. Massaged on some serum and fell back asleep with ease. Love that it’s also lightweight and absorbs quickly. Feels very nice on the skin and has a nice subtle scent. Don’t hesitate to buy, especially if you’re busy and don’t have the time or money to make it to a massage therapist/chiropractor consistently.
— Anna T., Orlando FL
I had such severe discomfort and swelling in my little toe that I could not walk. Even sitting down it was excruciating. I applied the serum and within minutes I felt comfort again.
Thank you for this product! It is amazing.
— Regina, Orlando FL

“When I put the serum on, I am telling you it was INSTANT relief for 8 hrs, repeated it once more and two days later my knee feels stronger, more structurally aligned”.
— Sharon, Chico, CA
“Last night was really bad, I first had to take a few Aleve and went to bed with no relief. Got up and used the serum...very to sleep right away!
Thank you!”
— Carol, Orlando FL
“I really like it. It works great. I was having lots of neck discomfort starting to cause a headache. I put it on and I was comfortable again!”
— Sheri, Orlando FL
“I love this serum. I put it on my elbow this morning and I immediately felt relief. Even faster than my arnica gel!”
— Terry, Orlando FL
I was having a lot of discomfort in my lower back due to my job where I have to reach up a lot. This serum has been a blessing!
— Luciana, Orlando FL
There is this amazing oil that Christine has been sharing with me. It has been nothing short of a miracle! At the end of some very stressful days the discomfort in my hands can be unbearable. I feel immediate comfort after applying. How does one give appropriate thanks for that?!
— Lindsey, Eustis FL
I just love having for the first time something that works for my husband’s and his back. He doesn’t get it often but when it happens his life is really miserable. Thank you, Christine, for a great product!
— Alison, New Zealand