Copper with 28 electrons.png

How to use this product:

This product has some properties that makes it very different from other products on the market. The copper in this formulation is extremely sensitive to water. Even the smallest amount of water will oxidize this copper and turn it blue. If the copper turns blue it is no longer usable.

Please advise your patients not to expose their bottle to water. If they need to clean the outside of the bottle they can do so with a cloth. If the treatment pump stops working DO NOT try to clean it with water. We can always send a replacement pump.
Do Not expose the bottle to extremes in temperature.

In the photo to the left,  the copper on the left is proper copper 1. It's what's in the Discomfort Relief Serum. The copper on the right has been exposed to water and has turned blue. It is not usable and must be thrown away.

Apply a dime sized amount to an area for comfort support. Allow to dry before contact with clothing. Not for the face although you can apply a small amount to temples or forehead for head comfort support. For External Use Only! Best if used within 6 months as there are no preservatives in this formula.