Copper and it's different forms:

Did you know there are three types of copper? There's Copper 0, Copper 1 and Copper 2.

Copper 0 is copper in it's stable state like a penny, a copper pipe or a copper vessel.

Copper 2 is oxidized copper which is blue green in color. It's what you might see on an old building  AND also maybe your copper pipes into your home. And which by the way, is the same type of copper used in supplements because yes, you guessed it, it's cheap!

And then there's Copper 1 or Cuprous copper that is found in foods like Kale.

Unfortunately, you're probably getting plenty of Copper 2, the wrong kind, from your pipes and maybe in your supplements. But are you getting the right kind from your fresh kale and other veggies? What if the soil the kale was grown on was so depleted in copper that you would get very little? That may be what is happening today! We are not getting the right copper for our body.

Here's why...Copper 0 has 29 electrons which makes it hard, like a penny and not edible for humans. Copper 2 has 27 electrons, it's already lost an electron and is oxidized so when you consume it in a supplement or through your pipes it doesn't have an electron to spare. It's edible for plants but for humans it's toxic and is pretty much useless to the cell. So it accumulates in the matrix that surrounds your cells and mucks up the machinery inside the cell. yuck!
Copper 1 has 28 electrons which means it has an electron to spare. Once it is transported inside the cell it donates it's electron to the electron transport chain where ATP, cellular energy, is created. Without ATP your cells struggle with bringing in nutrition and in taking out the trash. Also, if a cell is not making ATP it's making Lactic acid. It's either making one or the other. No ATP, No Energy. It's that simple.

The copper in our Discomfort Relief Serum is Copper 1. It is orange in color because it still has the extra electron and has not oxidated or turned blue.
It’s Electron Nutrition!

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